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Hillary Sussman

Writer. Comedian. Mental Health Advocate. Reality TV Snob.

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A Bit About Hillary Sussman

Hillary is a twenty-blerp year old woman who was forced to develop a personality in middle school to survive. Since then, she's has maintained a passion for finding the humor in tragic circumstances. Hillary has transplanted herself to countless cities over the years, but her hometown remains Detroit, Michigan: the birthplace of Motor City, Motown and comedic icons like Keegan-Michael Key and Gilda Radner. At a young age, probably after eating too much Halloween candy, Hillary learned that desires are not necessarily meant to be satisfied. Which encapsulates the essence of a comedy writer: one laugh isn’t enough because we’re always looking for the next one.

Other than being a redheaded jewess, Hillary holds a BFA from Western Michigan University in Theatre Performance and is a UCB, Second City and iO trained comedy writer. She has been involved with the Chicago comedy community for the past four years, writing and performing sketch comedy and improv. Hillary currently works as a freelance writer and contributing editor for and (respectively). Her most recent television project was co-head writer for the American Influencer Awards. Hillary also co-hosts a podcast, America's Next Top Best Friend, wherein she recaps episodes of iconic trash reality television and relates them to the political atmosphere at the time they aired. Her mission is to satirize the female experience and highlight disadvantages women face today.

Hillary's experience in print journalism, web projects, comedy, theatre, podcasts and live events has led her to identify the elements needed to create innovative and entertaining pieces that will appeal to a broad audience demographic. Her hobbies include reality tv, regular tv, defending her celebrity crush on David Arquette and making eye contact with dogs.

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"I think art doesn't have to be created in a period of misery, but it certainly helps."

Jenny Lewis

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